Sunday, March 27, 2011

Another Feather in My Cap...

...on the way to Heaven, to quote my first boyfriend's mother. Boy is making us work for it. He was, er, "uninvited" from daycare a month ago, and has been home with a revolving door of loving and generous relatives. In ten days, we welcome a live-in nanny who has graciously agreed to move to frozen Northern Europe with us. I hope Boy will be ready for preschool sometime in the next year, as it's heartbreaking to listen to him talk about all the friends he doesn't see anymore. Until then, I'm busy collecting ideas to keep him productive and entertained without letting him overindulge in television. Better yet are ideas to keep him productive and entertained without letting him overindulge in television while also allowing Girl to get some attention. She three months old and a total happy gem of a baby, but I know the calm kid can get lost in the shadow of the wild one.

In the next couple weeks, the county starts occupational therapy with Boy (in-home once a week...God bless a county whose reputation is staked on its educational system) and we have family therapy to learn how to deal with the behavioral hand we've been dealt. Grammy, who had three children of varying temperaments, was brought to tears today out of frustration, guilt over losing her temper, and heartache for what is sure to be a long and challenging road ahead of our little Boy.

In the meantime, I scour our friend, The Interwebs, marveling at the Stay-at-Home Moms (SAHMs, for those not frequenting the mommy blogs) who manage to not only not kill themselves out of frustration, but also manage to be inventive, organized, and patient. I hope to share some of the ideas I've tried out, and of course give credit to their originators. I will make this a positive experience for my extraordinarily challenging son. I will. I will.

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