Monday, August 15, 2011


Nanny, Mom, kids, and I took a short trip to Haapsalu, a stunning 13th century town of about 12,000 residents on the western coast of Estonia. The town was celebrating its annual Festival of the White Lady, in honor of its castle's resident ghost. It's a gorgeous area, unlike anything I've ever seen before. Naturally, I took lots of pictures...of the children. Look closely, and you'll see some Estonia in the background.

*Absurd title courtesy of Husband.

First of all: How cute is she? The largest 7.5 month old ever.

Nanny was excited to finally be out of the car.

I can't believe I birthed that giant head. That adorable giant head.

I can't believe I birthed that mullet.

Dancing, which Boy found thrilling. That is a typical blonde Estonian head on the left. I tried to edit it out, but the edits weren't saving, so I gave up. Sorry.

Three generations in front of the castle. Two of the generations are looking at the camera; the third cannot be arsed.

Boy was pouting when I told him his bounce house (yes, Ye Olde Bounce House) time was up, so he sought out his nearest cannon for a calm down spot.

Cute. We can all agree.

For Father's Day, I gave Boy and Husband matching wolves-howling-at-the-moon shirts. I ironically dressed him in one, or at least it was meant to be ironic. It ended up mostly meta-ironic. Between the size of the t-shirt (huge), the bagginess of the jeans (extra), and the mullet (rad), in the end the irony might have been that I thought it was ironic. Layers upon layers of irony.

In the craft market, I finally secured the children some Estonian woolens. Boy insisted on wearing his vest for the five minutes before he realized it was still summer. His mittens provided no end of excitement.

A full weekend of Estonian tourism was had by all: Tartu (see previous entry), Haapsalu, and a Sunday night dinner at Olde Hansa* in Tallinn's Old City.

*Medieval eating experience also courtesy of Husband.

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