Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Point of View

Amber Dusick, the force behind the always brilliant PARENTING Illustrated with Crappy Pictures, challenged her readers to have their kids interview them, because kids are hilariously wackadoo and have no idea what's going on.

Here are my results:

Q: What is my favorite food?
Boy: Everything
Girl: Ice cream

Okay, maybe they know exactly what's going on.

Q: What do I do for fun?
Boy: Reading
Girl: Ice cream

Girl wins.

Q: What's my favorite TV show?
Boy: Grown up TVs [sic]
Girl: Diego

Boy wins.

Q: What do I drink?
Boy: Wine
Girl: Water

Both of these are accurate. Had they added "coffee," they would have captured 99% of my fluid intake.

Q: What do I do with my friends?
Boy: Play
Girl: [A blank stare indicating, "You have friends?"]

Q: What do I wear?
Boy: (rolls eyes) A dress, silly!
Girl: Clothes

Thank you, Girl.

Q: Who is my best friend?
Boy: Trainer
Girl: Trainer!

Okay, I love Trainer, but I like to think my best friend is someone I have known for more than three months. He is the only adult I regularly see, though, so I can see why they might come to that conclusion.

Q: What do I do after you go to bed at night?
Boy: Clean
Girl: Clean
Boy: We're both right!

"Fall asleep on the couch" would have been the most accurate answer, but I'll accept clean. Not because that is what I am doing, but because that's what I tell them I have to do after they go to bed. At least they're listening.

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