Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Germany with Kids: A Pictoral Travel Guide

Forgive the blurry iPhone pictures. They tell a story of a mom and a nanny trying to entertain two children in a foreign country with bad weather and a very limiting hotel room. Here are my Official Mom Recommendations for Traveling Through Germany (or At Least To Frankfurt and Munich):

Hotel Room Forts.

The Christmas Train in Frankfurt is always a successful choice.

The Kinder Museum in Frankfurt has a free mini museum for little kids. It was a huge hit throughout the week.

They had bug parts on an overhead projector. Boy created this one on his own. Genius.

My Zeil mall has an indoor playground, a little ride-on train, and lots of Christmas trees.

And on to Munich, where the Deutsches Museum was a highlight. Tons of airplanes, trains, engines, cars, and other mechanical wonders. But best of all...
...the basement is the Kids' Kingdom, with a fire engine...
...a giant Lego pit and a water exploration area, giant musical instruments,  and other fantastic areas (not pictured).
Topping our list: there happened to be a giant Saturn V model at a rest stop on the way back to Frankfurt. The same rest stop had a lovely play area. 

I mean, seriously, German Rest Stop For The Win.

It was an exhausting trip, and we were very happy to make it back to Tallinn's little airport...

...where Boy could entertain himself by holding onto the suitcase, and Nanny could capture Mom on a Business Trip in all its horrifying glory.


Christina said...

I cannot believe you found a Saturn V in Germany. You must be a genie.

Cyn said...

Seriously!!!!! Great pix!

Flights to Windhoek said...

Really nice pictures especially of the cute children.