Wednesday, May 2, 2012

On the Road Again

I type to you from lovely Stockholm. It is lovely, truly, although frighteningly expensive. I shelled out $23 for pad see ew at a not-fancy Thai joint.

As I prepared for this short trip, I fantasized about uninterrupted nights of sleep and boarding a plane with only a carry-on. I hadn't flown without the kids since March 2010, and I've only spent one night away from them since Girl came along. Boy is so into his father right now that I figured he wouldn't care too much, but Girl still comes into our bed every night, without fail, and snuggles up to me as she falls back asleep. When I pass her to Nanny in the morning, she grips my side with her legs and screams.


I feel like a monster leaving for work, and here I am, a time zone away.

To prepare for my trip, I made sure Husband knew all the things he was supposed to do. In case he wasn't too sure on the matter, I instructed him not drown or smother Girl in the bath/bed. Seriously. I instructed Husband not to kill our children. In return, I got a look that said layers upon layers of things, kind of like are you frickin' kidding me I wouldn't hurt our kids I'm such an involved dad how could you even think I wouldn't know not to kill them I can't believe you think so little of me, and other incredulous thoughts as well. Point taken.

Twenty three dollars worth of Thai food later, I wish I were home, covered in small children fighting for my attention and creating chaos around me. Hopefully Husband will enjoy chubby little hands trying to shove him out of the bed at five tomorrow morning, because I think I might actually miss it.

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