Sunday, May 20, 2012

Haapsalu Redux

Today was a beautiful blue 68 degrees. On a whim, we loaded up the family, medicated the hell out of allergic Husband, and drove to Haapsalu. It's been over nine months since we were there last. Oh my, the children have changed.


Shannon said...

That looks like fun!

My husband and I are in the preliminary research stage of bidding, not a tandem though. He is the IMO here and I am a trailing spouse (UGH! Hate that term). We have three kids and are currently in Malawi. Digger referred me to your blog as a family in Tallinn.

I am looking for info on the school and things to do with kids in general. It all looks great on the internet, but reality can differ. I know your kids aren't old enough for the international school yet but I thought maybe you had some info/insight.


Rachel said...

Shannon, I'd be happy to share. Wanna shoot me an email at rachel [dot] borek [at] gmail? I can be a bit more candid on email.