Sunday, May 1, 2011


We had a lot of fun Easter Weekend. Saturday morning Boy helped me make carrot cake cupcakes. I usually believe cake is merely a vehicle for the icing, but carrot cake is a cake I actually like. (That's 5 "cakes" in two sentences.)

Boy helped mix up the batter.

And after nap, he helped decorate them.

I've since learned not to hand a toddler a jar of sprinkles.

After an interlude of playing outside (such gorgeous weather!), we dyed Easter eggs with Boy's godmother (who was a total trooper).

Sunday morning we went hunting for Easter eggs in the backyard. Boy did great.

He sadly took about three minutes to figure out where the last one was. I'll admit it was tricky. You know, on the seat and everything. In plain sight.

Later that morning we dressed up-ish for brunch at Dzadza and Grandma's house. Boy wore the seersucker pants I made him the week before (more on those later).

Girl looked adorable and sported a headband (against her father's wishes).

We played in the park I used to play in as a little girl.

Later that day, Boy spent some quality playtime in the backyard while I clicked away.

It was a great Easter, and the first when Boy was old enough for a visit from the Easter Bunny.

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